Opinion Essay About Not Having Kids

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I think I am more aligned to the position I think I am more aligned to the position of people who decide not to have kids. I think the decisions someone makes of having or not having kids, should be based on the happiness it brings to you. All reasons have an explain on why they are doing it, some people feel more happy not having kids because it gives them more time to focus on themselves. I think I am more inclined to people who decide not to have children Even though I am already a parent and I wouldn’t picture my life without her I agree with the people who decide not to take that route. . it is hard doing certain things when you have kids and I also believe not everyone is meant to be a parent. All the reason explains in the reading about how people would like to focus on their careers, themselves, their spouses, their life. I disagree with the Bishop about married couple not having children, I think married couple who decide to be Childfree can also have a good marriage and be happy. I also do nothing that he should …show more content…

I also do nothing that he should condemn all couples without children as selfish. People who opted out of having children have more time to help out in the community and help others. I don’t think that all married couples should have children because if they are not ready to have children it can destroy their marriage. I agree with the article about people have all types of different reasons why they decide not to have children. One of the most popular reasons why people decide not to have children is because of career goals, I think they feel that they would not give the time a child needs if they are working all the time. Time also plays a huge role in career goals because when they get their hit if they had children, maybe they would not be able to take the job of their

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