The Importance Of Japanese Culture

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Country A will be Japan and Country B will be America.

The Japanese culture, has accumulated a strong historical past, generating and possessing a vast amount of homogenous traditional influences which have rested its presence in their collectivist society, and up until this day has manifested the ability to protect its cultural values where as also has prioritized to reflect and pass on these values to its future generation. Some important attributes, which can be said about the Japanese culture, could start with their high tendency towards maintaining and sustaining a ‘harmonious’ environment, which can be seen in their everyday lives and also when conducting business. This is an important indicator that actually can show us why they prefer to remain silent and not indulge in to overreaction when faced with difficult issues. They come from a high-context culture, where relationships are built through hierarchical rankings with accordance to the positions where individuals have to show respect and ‘know while also understanding’ your place, in the eyes of the other person. Reputation and recognition make one of the most important areas, which should always be dealt through exceptional delicacy as the concept of ‘saving face’ matters so much to them. Any step taken that may result as damage made to their reputation as a sign of ‘losing face’ mostly has irreversible affects. We can say that this given this culture the necessary awareness, which as a result also has provided
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