Essay On Personal Narrative: A Career As A Nurse

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One day I was laying in my bed and I was thinking about my dad, who had cancer at the time. I had seen first hand how he had struggled to eat, to focus, and even to sleep. He hurt more often than he didn’t and he hated chemotherapy. Knowing how much pain my dad, gradually my mind turned to the children who were also going through chemotherapy. Facing the fight with a struggling will and a fading hope, some of these children were not going to win against the massive enemy they had been thrust into the ring with. I then began to think of the nurses that dedicated their days and nights to these vulnerable victims and how much power they held within their hands. In the most susceptible times of their lives, these patients are very malleable and nurses hold the tools to shape them, for worse or for better. Then I thought, why not me? Why not be one of the nurses who can help bring light and hope to those that can’t seem to find any? I had a newfound love for these sick and lonely children. I cared …show more content…

Nurses cannot care for their patients if they do not know how to. There are no other characteristics that can overcome a lack of knowledge. Nurses of all specialties are required to think on their feet and respond quickly to emergency situations. There must be an extensive background filled with hours of practice. Repetition. Repletion. Repetition. There must be a prior knowledge in order to properly care for a patient within dire circumstances, and at that point, when everything is falling to pieces, the time for learning has passed, and the time to act is now upon you. However, it is important to remember that throughout the career of a nurse, there is a continuing of knowledge. As there is a continuation of love and caring. Caring is the reason that a person chooses to become a nurse, it is the reason that they are able to stay in nursing school, and it is what sets the good nurses above all of the

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