Essay On The Importance Of Loyalty

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The Importance of Loyalty Loyalty is to protect one’s name even when they aren’t present. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare talks about the disloyalty that takes place between two friends in which one dies due to betrayal. “Benedict XVI and the Ultimate Betrayal” by Joshua Genig shows the pope’s thoughts on truth and love after experiencing the sense of disloyalty in his life. “How to Hire Fake Friends and Family” by Roc Morin talks about a man who owns a business in which their job is to fill any role in the personal lives of their clients. The importance of loyalty depends on the situation and the reasons to being loyal or disloyal in which the question arises: How important is loyalty? Loyalty is very important as it challenges one’s honesty, trust, and character. Honesty “How to Hire Fake Friends and Family” shows how honesty plays a big role in loyalty as lies that drag on can result in people getting hurt. Without honesty, there isn’t loyalty. 'Are you prepared to sustain this lie?’It’s the most significant problem our company has’ (Morin, 2017, para. 6) The quotation is significant as it shows the hesitation when it comes to sustaining a lie because people may end up getting hurt. This connects to the claim …show more content…

Strong loyalty builds a strong character. “Truth and love. They are two sides to the coin of divine humanity: living as God created us to live in Eden. Therefore, to tell the truth to or about a friend, even at the expense of losing him, is the greatest form of love.” (Genig, 2012, para. 3) The quotation is significant because it talks about truthfulness which is a form of loyalty. This connects to the claim as it talks about truthfulness being the strongest form of love which comes with strong loyalty and character. This connects to the prompt as it shows bow one’s character is challenged by their truthfulness and

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