The Importance Of Population Control

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Population growth and environmental policies have been a global controversial concern, due to fear of the world being overpopulated. An argument that continues to be debated is whether the world has enough resources to support the entire population and the approaches that can be taken now before the world becomes a future chaos. This essay will argue that the world needs population control in order to inhabit the earth comfortably. The environment and resource depletion will be the biggest challenge in the future, therefore, approaches that aim to regulate population are most important to meeting these challenges, followed by redistribution of wealth and limiting resource use. This essay will cover the four approaches that can be used in working…show more content…
To face the future environmental challenges, approaches to population control are particularly important in reducing infant mortality. Providing affordable universal access to safe and effective birth control to women in developing countries will allow them to make informed decisions about their reproductive choices (Hamilton, 2012), as women in poor developing countries have neither the means nor awareness to use contraception. Integrating lessons on population into the school curriculum, where it educates students about the impacts and consequences of childbearing on the environment (Engleman, 2012). Women of childbearing in developing countries are frequently exposed to environmental hazards and pollutions, which is a contributing factor to childhood deaths. More than 3 million children under the age of five die each year due to environmental-related causes and conditions (WHO, 2018). These conditions expose children to a degraded environment that is air polluted with a lack of adequate sanitation. Having a better knowledge of environmental issues and sex education will help people understand the need to have fewer children. This would help avoid the cases of unwanted pregnancies thus help in lowering birth rates. China's two-child policy should be considered when it comes to controlling the population because this would help to regulate the number of…show more content…
A practical approach to stop resource depletion is through conservation and buying from other countries that have an abundant supply of depleted resources. This approach would save and lower the rate at which materials are becoming depleted. Humans are responsible for the concentrated greenhouse gas emitted into the environment. Human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels and industrial landfill waste is the cause of greenhouse gases building up in the atmosphere (Hamilton, 2012). A practical approach is to encourage people to drive less and carpool, walk, cycle, or use more public transport. This approach would reduce fossil fuel and gas emission while improving the overall health of the population through the increase of physical activity. Buying locally grown foods to support farmers, local business and companies that do not burn fossil fuels through the shipping of their

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