Restraints In Nursing

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In the Health care system it is important to provide best quality care in a safe environment and ensure dignity of care. So, interventions like using restraints on patient is necessary to ensures patient safety as well as safety of others. (Crozer Ketstone, 2009). “Restraints are physical, chemical or environmental measures used to control the physical or behavioural activity of a person or a portion of his or her body” (CNO, 2017). The extensive use of restraints is an issue of increasing concern in today’s nursing practice. It is an argumentative and controversial issue over the years and its use has both positive and negative outcomes. Restraints are often used to control the behaviour of people with mental conditions in a variety of …show more content…

And most of times restraints are considered as a nursing intervention to keep the patient from pulling at drains, lines and tubes or to prevent patient’s movements from when it’s restricted. Nurses should always focus on evidence- based practices within the setting of the nurse-client relationship and on methods for assessment, prevention, and use of alternative practices to prevent the use of restraints and move on to restraints-free care in various settings such as acute, long term and home health-care. In Ontario, the Patient Restraints Minimization Act advice healthcare settings to look over alternative methods and use restraints only as a last option when a person is at harm to themselves and/or others (RNAO 2012). The hospital has a legal and ethical responsibility to support a least restraint policy that provides a safe and therapeutic environment for patients and health care …show more content…

There are boundless noted cases of people who are restrained and become incapable to move, incontinent and verbally disruptive. The emotional effects of restraints can include isolation, depression, panic, and anger. Social effects of restraints can include loss of dignity, self confidence, freedom and self-esteem. Physical effects of restraints include pressure ulcer, infection, incontinent and verbally abusive. Though province promotes the philosophy of client-centred care, the use of restraints is being acceptable for the following

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