The Importance Of School Uniforms

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Imagine getting a call from your daughter during the school day, her saying, “Hey, mom/dad, I need you to come get me, they said my outfit is too distracting.” Leaving home or work to pick her up or bring her new clothes because others can not focus. What was your daughter wearing, leggings, she was wearing leggings. Dress codes are too controlling, it is sexist toward women and unfair on students. Public school dress codes are made to restrict certain clothing that students are allowed to wear, this can be good and bad, but people take it way overboard. Many schools have school uniforms for reasons such as showing school spirit, safety, and to reduce bullying. Yes, they can help, but they can also have a very different effect on students. It restricts them being able to express themselves. Another thing that some people see with dress code is that it is sexist toward girls because what they wear is distracting boys, while boys have little to no effect. Girls are “dress-coded” at lot more than boys, a main reason is because people think boys are not able to control themselves around girls when “too much skin is showing”. This statement underestimates boys self-control, and in the event that a boy cannot control himself because he can see a girl’s shoulder, the girl is the one punished for what she is wearing instead of the boy being punished for acting like the girl is an object. This kind of mind set encourages “blaming-the-victim”. In 2014 a campaign was made with the

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