The Role Of Physics In Education

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21st century learners’ profile has changed. They are now digital natives that have leaned towards the visual and enigmatic satisfaction from the virtual world. Once, they are described as “marching through our schools, carrying a transformational change in their pockets in the form of powerful multimedia handheld devices” (Chen, 2010). With this, teaching in a classroom setting should also progress, from a traditional lecture-based learning only to a technology enhanced learning (TEL).
However, with the considerable advent of technology in today’s learners’ lives, students find science and technology more difficult than other subjects (Fensham, 2008). This was evident on the National Achievement Test (NAT) results where students of Lanton
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Many emerging countries produce educational materials that are products of educational research supported by government finance which becomes a growing trend for such materials to be freely available on the internet. This makes those educational materials to be reliable and effective since they already have been tried and tested and it is left to the teacher to adapt them to their context. This adaptation provides challenges for science teacher education, which must prepare teachers to make such changes (ICASE,…show more content…
However, Physics is one subject that they usually find difficult because of misconceptions like in the concepts of one-dimensional motion (Trowbridge & McDermott, 1980), Newton’s Law (Halloun & Hestenes, 1985), thermodynamics (Gönen & Kocakaya, 2010; Alwan, 2011), electricity (Stetetzer et al., 2013) etc. On the other hand, physics has a hierarchy of set of knowledge that according to the theory of constructivism, understanding a prior knowledge is necessary to comprehend new concepts (Sutopo &Wisodo, 2017). Thus, for students to fully understand the new concepts in physics in their next educational years, they must fully comprehend impulse and momentum, with the help of interactive educational materials that this study aims to develop. The emergence of today’s modern devices as an addition to learning aids available for teachers is one perspective the researcher wants to explore. The researcher wishes to develop and ask for validation of a self-made video as a learning tool in teaching Science to Grade-9 students using a problem-based learning model. It is a process that uses identified issues within a scenario to increase knowledge and understanding (Wood, 2003). The video aims to help and guide the students learning by introducing and discussing various scientific scenarios related to force, and
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