The Importance Of Short Staffing

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As a healthcare Manager, strategic planning to possibly mitigate short staffing can be quite challenging. Sometimes healthcare managers are face with these experiences unexpectedly. However, making the possible preparations for these unforeseen instances can enable a healthcare manager better planning (Sultz, 2014).
However, my list as a healthcare manager delineates as the following:
Teamwork- I think one of the main keys of dealing with a short staff is to emphasize teamwork. Responsibilities and job roles can be achieved more efficiently and fruitfully; however, when individuals work together as a closely-knit team unit. Healthcare professionals must work well together to make sure the necessities of all patients are met, along with other …show more content…

Additionally, when dealing with a staffing shortage, delegation is an essential strategy. Furthermore, as the stress levels may increase for a healthcare manager given with these circumstances, delegating tasks does not need to be done in a demeaning or impertinent way. Skilled delegation is a kind of time management skill that is fundamental to coping with a short staffed shift.
Things can easily lead to further stress and workplace aggravation when short staffed. For healthcare administrators, managing skills and strategies for these types of situations, are not only essential for healthcare professionals, but will help ensure patients will receive the care and attention they need and deserve.


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