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Question 1
Strategy theories assist to raise a mind of the strategic. It also helps to discipline our thinking in order to deal with the complexity and volatility of the strategic environment and the changes and continuity, issues, opportunities and threats inherent in it. It encourages us to re-examine our own assumptions and prejudices, but it also encourages us to consider the assumptions and prejudices of potential adversaries and other actors. Strategic theory opens the mind to all the possibilities and the forces in play, prompting us to consider the costs and risks weigh the consequences of our decisions and those of our opponents and allies, and others.

Far from simple strategy, understanding the strategy allows us to understand and work with its complications through the theory to understand its logic. A strategy theory provides the basic terminology and definitions, and explanations of the basic assumptions and premises, and the substantive proposals translated into testable hypotheses, and methods that can be used to test hypotheses and modify the theory, as appropriate. Why study the theory of strategy?

This definition viewpoint is located in the "content" aspect of the strategy, which it states is strategic. In classic sees widespread strategy as a process of good long-term planning, vital to securing the future. Planning can adapt to
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For Processualists, both organizations and markets are often sticky and chaotic phenomena, and that strategies show with a lot of confusion and in small steps. In fact, they say that it is very defects of regulatory processes and market managers owe their strategies and competitive advantages. Procedural best advice is not to seek after the ideal unattainable work rational fluids, but to accept and work with the world as it

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