Write An Essay On The Role Of Technology In Our Life

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Technologies nowadays from second to second help us in many things. Even when we wanted to read a news, we also more prefer to use the technologies to have the information about certain things instead we go through the newspapers. Anything else? Of course they are! Like you want to call your mom also you need to use technologies. You are not going to communicate with her by using can-telephone. But, you must feel really blank right now from what I have said. What is actually the technologies? Okay, from dictionary, technologies of course in the ‘T’ section mean the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. In my opinion, Technologies are things that actually help you to easy your life. They are all…show more content…
Technologies if you utilize it in the right way, it may assist you to something better. Example, you use internet to find or to communicate with somebody else. It’s a great way to talk to your pen pal outside of your world just in line without have to meet her or him. The communication that use is spring from the online communication which also creates the same understanding as well as right information way. It is going to be a little bit tricky if you did not know how to control the technologies. It is going to burn that communication and also the communication is presented in the wrong way. So, we know that all the human I mean most of human depend on the technologies to communicate to the world. The usage of the technologies to contact with your friends in or another country bring human to the successful communication. It affected the communication in the changing of the time in decades. If you can see, a twenty years back the use of technology in communication is less so the communication to the world are less to. That is why by using the right technologies and based on the communication all depends on the technologies itself. The right way you do it, the good results are always there. In the end, we could see that technologies affected communication very
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