The Importance Of The American Dream

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Since 1776, generations of American was convinced that after long efforts of struggle will they be able to get a better life through their own hard work, courage, creativity and determination towards prosperity rather than depending on aids of specific social class and from others. Two hundred years ago, young people all over the world was inspired by the conviction of "American Dream", arriving at this land to create their own value and fate. The United States has thus become the cradle of the world 's prosperous people. In contrast, contemporary society in America now seems to be like a kind of harmony: Every American has their job to raise their kids and enjoy dainty. However, these phenomena are not real. Each individual has their unique American dream; some children only wish for a piece of cake; some older people only wish for a camp stove, etc. From my perspective, I totally disagree that everyone born in America, the land of opportunity, can achieve great wealth, and I will show my following points. First and foremost, that the American Dream cannot be achieved was inspired by society. It is illustrated that some children are raised in the homeless shelter when they are undeveloped. For instance, Eric and Christopher had both grown up in homeless shelters with their family and younger sisters who needed them to go out in the streets to panhandle for enough money for food. Because the place where the boys were living were full of drugs, and what they sense
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