The American Dream: Equal Access To Education

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Register to read the introduction…It is illustrated that some children are raised in the homeless shelter when they are undeveloped. For instance, Eric and Christopher had both grown up in homeless shelters with their family and younger sisters who needed them to go out in the streets to panhandle for enough money for food. Because the place where the boys were living were full of drugs, and what they sense and see was affecting them to become most embittered and distrustful of adults (“Jonathan Kozol”2012). These children are American, but they cannot enforce their authority on going to school as for gaining more episteme. Because we know education opportunity is created for all kids. The best escalator to opportunity in America is schooling (Wendy 2012). According to an investigation from a magazine, this escalator is broken. They expect each generation to do better, but currently, much more young Americans have less access to education, about twenty-nine percent than their parents than have more education about twenty percent, and as recently as 2000, the United States still ranked second in the share of the population with a college degree, but now they have dropped to fifth (Borosage and Vanden 2011). A basic element of the American dream is the equal access to education as the lubricant of social and economic mobility. As we know, more and more children have not taken the opportunity so far because the society they live in cannot facilitate them to achieve their essential American…show more content…
Every one gets their unique dreams, for all the Americans want their country to become more prosperous and stronger. "American Dream" is a word Americans relish for years. For centuries, immigrants from all over the world hold this piece of American dream into the continent of hope to create his glory. Whenever the economic crisis, the Americans park in "American Dream", inspired by it and working for the future of their country 's efforts. "American Dream" is not only the achievement of own dreams of these talented, but also the achievements of the United States itself, a country is completely built from scratch by the immigrants. It took nearly 200 years to become the world 's leading superpower. Such a miracle and the "American Dream" are inextricably linked. The United States provides an opportunity for everyone to make personal wealth through personal struggle and efforts, but also the wealth in the United States. It is the wisdom and talents of these innovations provided by the United States that became the continued momentum continued economic prosperity and development. This is why when the economic depression comes, that Americans always want to come back to the "American Dream" is to check whether the "American Dream" generation soil remains. This is the hope that every American is griping with. The state may just have to return to prosperity. When I was grown to eight years old, I wished to become America president; however when I grow up I know that is impossible. But this is my America dream. Therefore, I totally disagree that everyone born in America, the land of opportunity, can make unlimited wealth. Some of them use their whole life to do it and some of them are still expecting it day by
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