The Berlin Wall's Mending Wall

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Post-Reading-Mending Wall:
Research Assignment:
Berlin Wall:
1. Why was the wall built in the first place?
The Berlin wall was a wall that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989.In 1949 Germany was split to two separate countries: The Federal Republic of Germany -West Germany, controlled by the Allies, and the German Democratic Republic -East Germany, controlled by the Soviet Union. One of the reasons why the wall was built was that there was a massive abandonment of people from East Germany to West Germany from 1949 to 1961, because the life in the west were much better than in the east of Germany .In 1952 by Stalin’s order; the East German government closed the Inner German border, by building a fortified fence along it. This act didn’t help, …show more content…

What purpose does or did the wall serve?
The government of East Germany told to its citizens that the purpose was to protect them from the people from West Germany, but in fact the true purpose was that the Berlin wall kept East Germans from immigrating to West Germany through Berlin. Nowadays the purpose of the wall is to serve as a historical monument of the Cold War and separation of Germany and Berlin.
3.”Who or what” was it walling out or walling in”?
The Berlin wall was tearing families apart, and “meant to many people a loss in human rights” -not allowing the freedom of movement .And it was keeping people from moving, staying in East Germany for example, without even wanting or willing to.
4. Is or was it successful in fulfilling its purpose? Why or why …show more content…

This wall didn’t bring any good to the citizens, only to the government. It was tearing families apart and has restricted the freedom of movement. When the government built this wall, it only thought about its own needs and not about the citizens’ needs. Government role was and it is to help to the citizens and not otherwise .The main purpose of this wall was simply to keep western people and eastern communists apart and to make the people of East Germany “blind”. This purpose had nothing to do with improving the life of the citizens. Therefore the wall was

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