The Last Bite Bee Wilson Analysis

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Food is something we think about every day. We can see it, smell it, and taste it. For Bee Wilson not only does she love to smell and eat fresh food, she loves to write about it. Bee Wilson is a historian and food writer who has written countless books and articles about food as well as spending time working as a food critic. Bee’s article The Last Bite is a moving plea with readers to take a stance to defend our food. She uses authority, stylistic punctuation, and word choice to try and convince her audience that changing the way food is produced is an important and urgent matter. Although Wilson is an acclaimed food writer she does not have the authority to convince people that our system of food production needs to be changed based solely on her arguments because of this Wilson uses quotes to add authority to her paper and convince her audience that her argument has depth. Within the first page of her paper, Wilson quotes seven other saying in their own way that they are worried about the current method of food production. Some of the Authors Wilson Quotes include Thomas Malthus, a professor in history and economics, Thomas F. Pawlick an investigative journalist and Eric Schlosser an acclaimed journalist; After quoting these authors Wilson is able to say “All these authors agree that entire …show more content…

By using the phrases “prices have soared," “outstripping supply," and “downward spiral” Wilson creates a mood that is fast paced, and because the problem is fast paced it calls for a fast reaction making the topic urgent. If the phrases “prices have increased," “demand is growing faster than supply” or “declining” had been used to replace the phrases above it still would have had the same meaning. However, it would have taken all urgency out of the sentences that were

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