The Little Rock Crisis

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Little Rock Crisis, Nothing Little About it Throughout history, in America, there has been several rough patches that makes countless amounts of people feel ashamed to have been living in such a world. Civil wars, shootings, riots, bombings, and worst of all, segregation has left scars, real and figuratively, too deep to truly ever go away. To be apart of something so horrible hurts and will hurt the country forever; no one will ever forget these events that shaped history. Lots of events have never been forgotten especially those when innocence is a factor. Little Rock, Arkansas was riddled with segregation and the governor, the one person who was supposed to help residents, only made the situation worse at Little Rock Central High School,…show more content…
After slavery African Americans thought life would be grand because they were finally free. They could live theirs “American Dreams”. Sadly they were rudely awakened by segregation, the separation of blacks and whites. Those who were upset by the ban of slavery did not welcome anyone with open arms. They were allowed to do all the things that “whites” were, yes, but it truly wasn’t the same. African Americans were forced to live, eat, work, and learn in “dumpier” places than white Americans. They could not do anything a white man or woman could, the whole idea of “‘Separate but equal’” was a contradiction within itself (Howell np). Everything was separated, different water fountains, schools, homes, restaurants, buses so on and so forth. Nothing was fair; nothing was as it should have been. White Americans felt the need to treat African Americans as lesser beings, when they were not any less than themselves. While being treated like nobodies caused civil right activists to rise up and take their stand for what was right (Howell np). Civil rights activists fought for years before anything they did started to make a difference until the Brown V. Board of Education case. “The first legal step taken to put an end to the practice of segregation came with the unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of…show more content…
Rough patches are only apart of life, but no matter how rough they get everything eventually gets better. All the scars may never go away, but they heal eventually. The Little Rock Crisis was only one of those rough patches and in the end something good did come from it. All Americans were finally beginning to be treated as equals no matter what skin color that they had, thousands finally got the chance to live the “American
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