The Main Causes Of World War One

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The causes of the war were for power. “Europe was the peak of all human accomplishment” (2013, Reilly, p.921). Europe, being the best at industrialization, globalization, and a great change in technology, was known as a country that dominated the rest of the world. Asia had more people but, Europe was still considered to be the superior, despite being small compared to Asia. However, each country in the war had their strengths. The British Empire had a navy that would put other country’s ocean defense to shame. The Germans had a strong army, on land. Russia, being the largest of these countries didn’t have these resources. They helped French financially during the war, after being defeated by Japan. As for Austria-Hungary and Italy, they were not huge contributors to the war at this time (2013, Reilly, p. 922). …show more content…

921). Germany’s main focus was being the strongest, so they built up an army that would soon be dominating the world. They used this to their advantage and would later begin invading other countries. “It is clear the problem was that Germany’s post-1890 hunger for empire could no longer be satisfied except by taking overseas territories away from the other European countries. This was not something likely to accomplish by peaceful means” (2013, Reilly, p. 923). Germany would strive to achieve the goals of conquering overseas territories. The entire war was caused by wanting to control land that has already been claimed. Despite the problems in their own country that remained uncompromised, Germany still wanted more land (2013, Reilly, p. 923). Not being able to take anymore blows that Germany was throwing, the British entered the war and allied with the French (2013, Reilly, p.

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