Moving With The Brain In Mind Analysis

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Homework is a term used to describe assignments given to students by their teacher to be completed outside regular class period. Some people say that homework is necessary for student success, but it actually has no academic benefits and has negatively effects on children life; therefore, it must be abolished. In order to support my view, I did research on two articles “End Homework Now” (2001) by Etta Karlovac and John Buell and “Moving with the Brain in Mind” (2000) by Eric Jensen both articles display that the negative effects of homework outweigh its positive effects. Furthermore, the articles discuss how smaller class size, by engaging students in great variety of exercises, impact their overall moods and ability to learn. The main…show more content…
In order to highlight the benefits of movement in education, Jensen mentions different studies that display how movement increases heart rate and circulation (34), stimulates release of beneficial chemicals (34), counteracts excessive sitting (35), and supports the value of implicit learning (36). Furthermore, in order to support his claim Jensen presents research which explains how movement can give the learner much needed break ( Stevenson and Lee 34). For example, Stevenson claim that “in Japanese and Taiwanese schools, spaced intervals or breaks allow students to be in school all day and yet still learning” (34). Also, Jensen gives some suggestions for the classroom such as teachers need to engage students in a wide variety of postures, including walking, lying down or even squatting (36). In this article the purpose of Jensen is to clarify the role of movement in learning by describing how it can be an effective cognitive strategy to improve learning, memory, and performance. The formal use of tone in the article suggests that Jenson intended audience is entire educational community which includes teachers, students, researchers, and administrators who need to be aware about the importance of movement in…show more content…
Which supports the argument of Karlovac and Buell regarding homework disrupts family life and becomes the main factor in the decisions of students to leave school. Specifically, in their article Karlovac and Buell use Jensen’s research in order to prove the importance of physical movements in learning instead of assigning homework to children. Another reason that these two articles are linked with each other is that the authors have the shared purpose of convincing the community that homework negatively affects personal and academic life of a child. These articles can play a very important role in my research on homework. It can help me to do in depth analysis of the negative effects of homework. Both of these articles provide evidence to prove that homework does not have any positive effects on children in learning process it only puts stress and burden on
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