The Negative Speech: The Importance Of Peer Pressure

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All of us have peer groups or friends that we always get along and hang out with. However, at some point of our lives, we tried and did crazy stuffs that we regret because you, yourself, know at that point it is wrong but still did it because of peer pressure. Then what is peer pressure? Peer pressure is when a person cannot decide for oneself and just depend of what their friends’ decision is. It is being very dependent on your friends that a simple decision can be hard to decide if alone. For example is when attending a class, but your friends told you that they will not attend, surely the student being “pressured” will also not attend the class. Peer pressure is very common with teenagers now a days, being with group of friends for teenagers…show more content…
Saying no must be hard to say with friends because they know that you’re going to do something really important for that time. Peers or the whole friends’ decision must not affect their studies; studies should be the priority and to graduate must be the goal of the teenagers. The pressure of the teenager students must feel is not the pressure of the decision to follow their friends. The pressure that they must feel are the school works being given to the school that are giving them hard time to…show more content…
Peer pressure have so many bad effects when a teen is getting affected by it but I also learned that there is also positive peer pressure that gives a teen more positive personality. This positive effect must be more influential than the negative one because most teens don’t want to get good grades and don’t want to study just because it is not cool. The cool thing in this generation is when you go party at night, go to class and you have hangover, cutting class if you get bored or just wanted to, if you are smoking and if you have the latest trend of clothes. I also learned that media plays a big part with this mentality because they are feeding stories and shows that gives them idea of “cool”. Also the “coolest” kid in class will also be influential but will a teen let them influence him. I know that if a kid knows how to discipline and manage oneself he/she cannot be easily influenced by them. If they he knows himself and matured enough to know what is right or wrong for

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