The New Order Government: The End Of The New Order Government

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A. The end of the New Order government Behind the success of development in the future, the New Order to save a few drawbacks. During the Soeharto era, corruption, collusion, nepotism (KKN) thrives. Menggurita corrupt practices until the case of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) in 1998. Sense of injustice sticking when Soeharto cronies allegedly problematic positions Development Cabinet minister. Corruption cases never got a fair legal settlement. Indonesia 's development-oriented economic growth, causing injustice and social inequality. In fact, between the central and regional development gaps occur because most of the wealth is sucked into the central area. Finally, emerging discontent in various areas, such as Aceh and Papua. In the outer occur social jealousy between the local population with migrants (migrants) who obtain government benefits. Unequal incomes further exacerbate social inequalities. The Government emphasizes safety approaches in the areas of social and political. The Government prohibits the criticism and demonstrations. Opposition anathema New Order regime. Freedom of the press is restricted and colored pemberedelan newspapers and magazines. To maintain security or cope with the separatists, the government put on armed violence. For example, the program "Mysterious Shooting" (Peter) or Military Operations Area (DOM). The weakness peak at tahun1997-1998. Indonesia 's economic crisis in 1997. The monetary and financial crisis that originally

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