The Outsiders: Book Vs. Movie

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Orme 1 Ava Orme Dr. Shadden-Cobb Writing 24 Oct. 2016 The Outsiders: Book vs. Movie When you read a book and then watch the movie of that book, there will always be a few differences. The Outsiders book and movie hold that statement true. Most of the more important events are the same, but a lot of the details do not match up. The book told more details and made the important things pop out. The movie left out a lot of the little things that made a big difference overall. The book of The Outsiders and the movie of The Outsiders had several things in common, but there were also things left out from one that was in the other. In the book, it says that Dally’s hair was blonde, but in the movie it showed him with brown hair. On their way
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