Nursing Philosophy Essay

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he purpose of this paper is to present the philosophy of man as a knowing and relational being applied to nursing practice. Through knowing one’s philosophy, one can discover thoughts that lead to possible action, helps people to determine the nature of truth and knowledge and to find what is the value and importance of life. This idea is significant because as a student nurse it had an enormous influence on everyday lives and professionally, establishing rapport with the patient nurses can gather information, work effectively, gives quality services and promote health. This philosophy may contribute to the society because people held certain beliefs about what is important, true, real, and significant and about how life should be ordered. …show more content…

Empirical categories of personal characteristics and behaviours provide a deep understanding of a human being as a person; as a self. In addition, Carper highlights the importance of the "therapeutic use of self" which only becomes possible through the personal knowing. In the therapeutic use of self, the nurses bring as much of themselves as possible to the relationship with the patients and use themselves for their benefit. In this relationship the nurses and the clients interrelate openly toward "fulfilment of human potential". (Carper, …show more content…

She said that through interaction there is an interpersonal process between the nurse and the patient. They work together to develop and be knowledgeable in caring and in achieving health. According to Peplau there are six roles of nurses which are stranger as the patient and nurses meet at the first time and will lead to establish connection with each other; as a teacher and a resource person which nurses imparts knowledge about the needs or interest or the current condition or illness that the patient had; as a counsellor that helps the patient understand and integrate the meaning of current life situations, as well as provide guidance and encouragement in order to make changes; as a surrogate which nurse uses the concept of empathy to help the patient clarify the domains of dependence, interdependence, and independence, and acts as an advocate for the patient; and leader that helps the patient take on maximum responsibility for meeting his or her treatment goals. In combination with the six roles of nursing there is a sequential phases to achieve interpersonal relationship such as orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution. For example in orientation, the nurses orienting the patient to different types of services that the patient needs, asking and sharing expectation based on the history of present experience, similar to what

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