The Positive Impact Of The Negative Impacts Of Social Media

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According to Brandwatch, 2.3 billion of worldwide population are actively using social media and each user has an average of 5.54 social media accounts currently (Smith, 2016). News spread even faster as people may not have any reasons to miss out important news when it is a norm for people to have a few social media accounts. The speed of spreading news in social media is scarily fast till it makes people wonder whether it is a toxic or medicine. The use of social media is definitely a boon than a bane to people when its positive impacts seems to be more influential that the negative impacts. Firstly, social media has changed the beauty perception of people. When people are exposed to beautiful and attractive photos of female online, they may define them as true beauty. The standard of beauty has become superficial as people tend to focus more on appearance and body rather than personalities. Grass is greener on the other side, people will start to gain interest in online friends based on appearance. Consequently, people may eventually neglect the importance of inner beauty and will only view people based on physical appearance. However, social media is still a platform to influence positive impact regarding beauty perception, even though some may feel that it causes superficial beauty as the standard of real beauty. Those who feel that they are less attractive will lower their self-esteem and confidence they start to envying people who are beautiful in their appearance.
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