The Pros And Cons Of Body Cameras

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Do you believe that police officers should wear body cameras? Imagine being a fourteen year old and a cop stops you, you´re scared because you don't know why they stopped you and they have a gun. You are asking them not to shoot but they do. How do you think a body camera could have helped in this situation? Body cameras used by police officers are little cameras that are attached to the officers vest and it records every interaction with a suspected suspect. Evidence can provide meaning and show key things that may have happened during a situation. Footage also protects everyone; this means everyone in the situation is protected because the world is watching them. Body cameras also have reliable technology meaning the technology on the …show more content…

According to the passages it states ¨on August 9, 2014 Michael Brown, an 18 year old resident of Ferguson Missouri, was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson, at about noon on that day, Wilson observed brown and a friend on the street, nothing that brown matched the description of a suspect in a convenience store robbery , Wilsonasked the two men to move to the sidewalk. An altercation reportedly ensued between Wilson and Brown untindently Wilson fired upon Brown who was unarmed. Brown did not survive¨ (“Police Body Camera Use In The United States' ' 2). This shows that if there was a body camera this would have gone differently it would've shown what happened. I would have made the situation better because the camera would have probably made the officer act differently. Mr. Wilson had no reason to fire at Mr. Brown who didnt even match the description of the suspect and who was unarmed. Another piece of evidence is “Additionally a study conducted by george mason found that police officers said the cameras were helpful when collecting evidence and protecting themselves officers and citizens both seem to believe that BWC´s can protect them from each other¨ (¨Police Body Cameras Use In United States¨ 2). This shows that even police and citizens both think that body cameras are helpful with protecting them from harms of different police officers who might have had a bad day and just want to find a way to relieve stress. To conclude police officers should wear body cameras because it protects

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