The Pros And Cons Of Breakfast

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Is the devastating crisis in Greece affecting the children’s appetite for food? Since the disastrous crisis in Greece a huge number of people are found searching for jobs in order to provide for their families (Smith, 2013). Many people claim that they don’t have enough money to feed their children breakfast which for a lot of them is the most important meal of the day. Others say breakfast is not critical for their well being (Keith, 2011). In my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides us with the energy we need in order to start the day. Another reason is because we get enough calories to last us until lunch and that is heavy in order to avoid extra weight. In this paper I’m going to write about the pros…show more content…
They believe that the one and only reason people can to say that breakfast is critical for our bodies is that it is the exclusive time that we can eat stunning foods like pancakes and waffles. A few of the most overwhelming foods are served at breakfast. (Keith, 2011) One of the most significant reasons they believe that breakfast is not important is that avoiding it will not give to our bodies extra weight. As long as we are aware of the calories we consume we should be fine. (Keith, 2011) Another reason is that they think that breakfast is nothing but extra calories. The bigger the breakfast we eat the more calories we will gain. The Nutrition Journal published a study that advises people to eat a small breakfast in order to lower the calories we receive. (Keith, 2011) One more reason is that breakfast has nothing special about it. The slogan “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is nothing but a deception created by the industries to promote their products. (Keith, 2011) Breakfast will not give us some sort of health benefit and we can skip it because it is not bad for us. (Keith,…show more content…
This disastrous crisis has led people to despair. During the long and freezing winter, Greeks burned trees that dropped and wooden furniture to stay warm, actions that with a healthy economy are considered absurd. (Derek, 2013) While the economy has reached an all time low and the youth unemployment has reached an all time high, the truth can’t be told in numbers. It’s simple. Kids are starving. (Derek, 2013) In an interview of newspaper “The Guardian” with Greek resident Antonis Antakis, which is 28 years old and a father, stated that three years ago he was the boss of a company and had two employees. The thought of going somewhere to collect food was unthinkable. “I really worry that one day I won’t be able to feed my kids at all. From being the boss, I am now lucky if I earn €500 a month. You can’t live on that and pay the bills and taxes thrown at you and expect to live” Antonis said. (Smith, 2013) This tragic crisis affects everyone and especially the kids. The kids are the future and they should have the comfort of food. Above all breakfast because it gives them the push they need in order to do something about the situation they are in. Still, 600 000 children are below the line of poverty in Greece. (Smith, 2013) According to the human right to food, all human beings are to be free from hunger. Let’s hope that the people of Greece

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