Genetically Modified Food Essay

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Ziad Abdulghafour
Genetically modified food

For centuries, Farmers have been cross-breeding plants to grow the most profitable and highest quality of food. Today this field of cross breeding plants has been revolutionized to a whole new level. Along with great discoveries comes concerns from consumers. Recently, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have replaced our diet with genetically manipulated foods, which affects human health as well as local communities. Farmers who choose to sustain the traditional way of farming techniques prefer to grow organic produce over genetically engineered crops while maintaining a successful business. Large corporations, on the contrary, benefit largely whilst using less energy by enduring larger profits with the aid of genetically modified food. Settling with locally produced organic produce is not only beneficial for consumer but also but also it could economically help hardworking local laborers(farmers) so that they may continue to grow and harvest their crops the way nature intended. Studies claim that biotechnology is no threat and are as safe, yet many questions remain in the minds of many consumers. Genetically modified foods are the new trend of a sustainable source of food and should be allowed in all countries because GMO’s are vastly comparable to …show more content…

for example, in bizarrely cold environments people are unable to grow crops, genetics engineers used an anti-freeze gene “afa3” from winter flounders to sustain the crops in such chilled conditions(Logsdon& Doolittle, 1997). Another strange use of GMO’s is being researched, a fruit or vegetable used as vehicles for delivering edible vaccines. To many that modification might be terrifying since some people might fear getting allergic reactions from chemicals found in

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