Persuasive Essay On Gluten Free

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"I know my body well, I know the right foods to eat and the best way to recover. I'm also getting the right amount of sleep. I've learned that over the years, and I think I'm in the best shape I have ever been," says Jack Wilshere, a Major League Soccer player (MLS) who has been gluten free for a couple months now. In 1941, Dr. Willem-Karel Dicke wrote an article about his observations that the gluten free diet had on his patients. After many doctors read this article, gluten free diets were tried by many people, hoping for a change in their health. Consuming gluten was linked to many symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, nausea, and more. As more people tried the diet and it became popular, the gluten free diet was believed to be detrimental… but also beneficial.…show more content…
Foods like strawberries, carrots, and broccoli do not contain any gluten and can help maintain a healthy lifestyle (Perlmutter). In a lot of diets, including gluten free, fruits and vegetables were included and did not need to be changed from the day-to-day diet. The individual is still receiving their everyday nutrition while on a gluten-free diet. One can also still receive the normal proteins while gluten free. They may still eat unprocessed meats, fish, and poultry like a normal diet (Mayo Clinic). Anything processed had been automatically eliminated from the diet, and the body no longer received any unhealthy fats from processed foods because the gluten free diet restricts them. An article written by Amie Valpone about gluten free living stated, “the more a food is processed, the less of its original nutrients remain.” Since most processed foods are restricted from the diet, they may receive even more nutrients from a meal or snack. Also, processed foods contain artificial flavors and chemicals which need to be removed from the everyday diet

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