Stereotypes vs Misconceptions

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Throughout life, many people judge others because of one’s looks and how people carry themselves. Not one person can say that this has never been done because it has, and those might of not have even realized it. This action is either called a stereotype or a misconception. These are both made to categorize people so that others don’t have to fully understand one’s life but so that a prediction can be made. Another reason people use stereotypes and misconceptions are to make one feel better about themselves by putting others down. All over the world there is thousands of stereotypes used everyday. Everyday someone is being judged by others using stereotypes and misconceptions. People that didn’t go to college hear these incorrect views that they are uneducated and are not successful in life from people who don’t even know them when the fact is they can have just as much success as one who received a degree. Misconceptions and stereotypes are quite similar as far as the definition of the two. A misconception is an opinion that one has on another based on no truth at all. It is mostly confused with a stereotype because it is a statement that has been stretched out so thin that there is no longer any truth. If a misconception has any truth at all to it, it is considered to be a stereotype. This contains no type of facts or truth at all in this incorrect view. Misconceptions are assumptions that a person or group receives because those individuals are apart of a
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