The Pros And Cons Of Segregation

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Segregation, the state of separation of people due to certain differences, is generally detestable and disagreeable. Racial segregation was a huge issue in the past and effected many people of color. It potentially caused problems that have even lasted to today such as racial disagreement and the discrimination of people due to the opinion of others. The problems it caused were long-lasting and very effective in ways like getting in the way of everyone’s education and having a safe learning environment, causing African Americans to have to go out of their way to win freedom, and causing African Americans to lose certain privileges. One should consider that segregation can get in the way of education as well as personal safety. Source B mentions that when nine African American students attempted to attend an all white school in 1957, people everywhere had been angered and would not allow these nine students to enter the school at all when it had been made legal two …show more content…

For example, Source C states, “Two years earlier (1890) the states of Louisiana passes a law requiring racial segregation of train cars.” This shows that the people made it such as big deal that they took away the right away from African Americans to ride the same bus as others. This also shows that segregation is causing issues having to do with where African American people can go and how they can get there. In addition, Source C also states, “JIm crow laws also led to the disenfranchisement of African American voters.” This shows that some African Americans also got their right to vote taken away depending on where they lived. This also shows that since states only recognized African Americans as “separate, but equal” they cared less for their legal rights and privileges. In conclusion, many African Americans had the legal rights that were granted to them taken away due to

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