The Pros And Cons Of Storm By Stokers

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1. Kathy Witterick and David Stoker gave birth to a baby named Storm on January 1st 2011, they shocked the world by deciding not to announce the gender of Storm. They thought of this as a tribute to freedom and to give baby Storm a choice instead of placing limits on their freedom. However, because of this, a huge controversy rose. The controversy in this case was that it was felt by many, that the parents were turning their child into a bizarre lab experiment. Furthermore, many thought it had to do with the parents and not the children and it was felt that the parents were being very selfish and not thinking about their children. Many critics believed that there could be many boundaries for children because if there are no boundaries placed they will just wander aimlessly. There are pros and cons regarding this event that has taken place. To start, the pros of doing what Storm’s parents did, are that they let the kids express themselves without restriction and without holding them back, they set an example for many parents who wanted to participate in the same event, but were too scared to, and Witterick, and Stoker, showed the world that we do not always have to conform to or follow gender norms set in place for us by society. The cons of their approach, were that after they came out in public and the article was published in 2011, they received backlash from all ends of the spectrum and many criticisms. They were also told that what they were doing …show more content…

What is meant by the term Brain Gender is that brain gender begins taking shape, according to genetic instruction, at conception. The brain is sexually differentiated, just like genitalia are, however the difference is that genitalia are visible, and the brain is inside the skull, this means that people are not faced with the fact that it is indisputable. This essentially means that each person’s brain is hardwired to be certain gender, however it is not visible to the eye because the brain is inside the

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