The Pros And Cons Of World War One

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Hello. I live in the United States. Right now, it is 1918. Something tragic had just happened. A war which had killed many lives. Thankfully, it had concluded just a while ago. During wartime as an employee, life was really hard. There were also some racial issues which had affected many Blacks. I had wished for the war to end with no bad issues because I am Black and couldn’t handle all the insults. But unlike stories, it wasn’t a perfect ending. There were many pros and cons of World War 1. Some cons had some injustice and cruelty, while the pros were amazing and spread all over the world. Like I said before, I worked as an employee during WWI (World War 1). The good thing that happened during the war was that the jobs were more efficient. The manufacturing and production had increased by a lot too. The bad thing about me doing that job was the employer was paying very low for the employees (me), but paying for the job increased. Because of that, there were many people suffering in poverty. Also, the need for the workers at jobs had gotten smaller so nobody cared if someone quit their job.…show more content…
Women who got treated with injustice achieved in political life. Tragedies happened more during the war than after. An example of that is that another war called the Battle of Verdun happened. The two sides had to sign a treaty to stop the war because it went too far. That war and the treaty reshaped the complete part of what we call today the Middle East. They also created new states. Lastly, a treaty which came out promised that India would get better
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