The Pros Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was a curse as well as a blessing. while i was doing my research i came across many photos and articles of reasons why this was bad. as shown in the quote, “ You went down one step from the foul area into the cellar which a family of humans lived.” (Gaskell 290). is shown here the person is describing how bad the living situations were for the lower class. the people who weren 't born into a wealthy families were treated completely different than the upper class. what really surprised me was that no matter how hard you worked you could not raise your class unlike America today where you naturally get praised for hard work. There were many things that made this time hard on a majority of the population. As shown in the quote, “... steam boilers discharged into their seething contents and drains and sewers their fetid impurities…” (Miller 294) once the steamboats were created water sources were becoming very polluted which made accessing clean water very hard.

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