The Purpose Of The Ohio State Leadership Study

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Exercise 3 According to Borkowski (2016), the purpose of the University of Michigan study was to determine the best, most efficient leadership style grounded on two distinct dimensions of leaderships behavior: an employee-centered approach or a production-centered approach (p. 198). The employee-centers leadership took an interest in their employees focusing on interpersonal relationships and accepting their subordinates as having individual differences from their peers (Borkowski, 2016). Production-centered leaders concentrate on tasks, considers employees as a method to accomplishing tasks; researchers discovered general supervision providing support and direction without an authoritative approach produced a higher-level of productivity as compared to the production-centered supervision (Borkowski, 2016). Also, these studies found that productivity is not related to job satisfaction, and the most …show more content…

The researchers discovered two consistent dimensions of leadership: consideration for others and initiating structure (Borkowski, 2016). According to Borkowski (2016), consideration of others reflects human nature, individual needs including workplace relationships whereas, initiating structure focused on tasks and goals (p. 197). Furthermore, the study found the two dimensions to be independent of each other yet co-occur; leadership that ranked high in both of the aspects were more likely to influence employees to higher levels of satisfaction and performance (Borkowski, 2016). The University of Michigan and Ohio State research studies discovered the importance of leaders who consider their employee’s, their needs, desires for workplace interactions, verses tasks orientation in relation to productivity and job

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