Agatha Christie Queen Of Mystery Analysis

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How Her Stories Made Her “The Queen of Mystery”
Agatha Christie is recognized to be one of the world’s best selling authors in history. Her extraordinary mystery novels like And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express. Her writing style and techniques have set her apart from other authors. As the years passed her styles of writing grew and she found what worked for her short stories and novels. The way she utilises the drop off from description to dialog. Similar ways she comes up with the setting and characters as well as methods character use to eliminate others. Lastly how the characters go about finding the murderer and getting justice for the victims, Christie has written a great deal of different stories in her lifetime
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Justice Wargrave. He happened to be “lately retired from the bench” (Christie, And Then There Were None pg.1). The setting starts with some of the characters on a train and “they were running now through Somerset” (Christie, And Then There Were None pg.1). Soon she brings the characters together and they start to express their confusion on what all of them are doing there together and this would be the transition from description to dialog. This is also a similar beginning to her other novel Murder on the Orient Express. “It was five o’clock on a winter’s morning in Syria”(Christie, Murder on the Orient Express pg.3) is how this story begins and then goes on to describe the characters. Some characters like the famous M. Hercule Poirot who is a recurring detective in Christie's books. He was “a little man with enormous moustaches”(Christie, Murder on the Orient Express pg. 5). Mary Debenham a “young English lady...tall, slim, and dark- perhaps twenty-eight years of age”(Christie, Murder on the Orient Express pg.7). Poirot judged that she was “the kind of young woman who could take care of herself with perfect ease wherever she went...she had poise and efficiency”(Christie, Murder on the Orient Express pg.8). When Poirot awoke from his sleep he
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