Renaissance and Its Influence

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Following the years of devastation and turmoil from the Dark Ages, including the Black Plague and the constant decline of the Church was a period of rebirth and revival. This period was called the Renaissance, meaning rebirth, and indeed this point of history was fueled by the both the desire for exploration and innovation, and the surge of interest in learning. The Renaissance revived the flame of passion for learning Classical Greco- Roman scholarship and values. In addition to the revisiting of ancient Greek and Roman means of learning, new ways of thinking were introduced, and all forms of art, literature, mathematics, and sciences were in their prime. Several great minds flourished in this period of history. Leonardo DaVinci, …show more content…

This was the intellectual movement known as humanism. This way of thinking set importance to human potential, ability, achievements, and capability, over divine and supernatural beliefs. Humanism challenged the Church. During the Renaissance, the belief in humanism resulted in the deviation from Medieval scholasticism. They neglected and almost "ignored" the discoveries made during the Dark Ages and revisited the views during the ancient Roman and Greek eras. Along with humanism, secularism was a value highly evident during the Renaissance. Secularism focused on the value of wanting worldly desires, such as mansions, lavish banquets, and extravagant clothing. People, including religious leaders, such as high priests became more worldly during the Renaissance. They were more concerned with materialistic motives rather than their spiritual needs and duties, often neglecting their duties as leaders of the Church. Greed and corruption were present during the Renaissance. This selfishness is mirrored in present-day organizations and authorities, such as the government. Like the Church, the government has immense influence and power. A number of government leaders set aside their responsibilities as voices of the people, and focus on their lavish and aristocratic ways of living. They are supercilious …show more content…

New ideas were introduced, and these new ideas still shape the world and are often used today. Several ideas and inventions from hundreds of years ago that came from this period of rebirth were improved and are utilized in the present age. A vast majority of things around us have some connection to the new ideas brought by the Renaissance. It was a time of reformation and change. This period sparked curiosity in almost everyone’s minds. People searched for answers related to everything under the sun. This curiosity must be carried on to the people of today. We must continually strive to take the lead in innovation and

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