The Role Of Poseidon In Homer's Odyssey

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Poseidon probably wouldn't be enjoyable if he went to WHS. His hamartia is an inability to cooperate with others; however, as a dual god, his saving grace would be his affinity with water. Although Poseidon would be a bully and get bad grades, he would be the star of the water polo team. Poseidon would be an antagonizer who overreacts and would get into fights over trivial matters. Poseidon imprisoned Odysseus for ten years because he blinded Poseidon's son, even though Odysseus was a friend of Poseidon. Therefore, even Poseidon’s friends wouldn’t be safe from his fury. In addition to displaying his wrath, this response makes evident the cruelty of Poseidon’s punishment. Also, because Minos didn't sacrifice a specific bull to Poseidon, Minos suffered his ire. Poseidon’s actions towards Minos reveal how quickly …show more content…

Poseidon would be always disputing with teachers, causing them to give him poor grades. Poseidon would likely argue about his grades, worsening them even more. Through his desire to challenge and his lack of regard of others, he wouldn't be able to keep grades up. Poseidon would be a good water polo player though, because of his violent nature and his skill as a water god. His violent nature is in his attempts to conquer other cities and in his wrath towards those who oppose him. This would help him on the water polo team because water polo is similar to underwater football. He would be able to easily take down opponents and score goals. He also would attempt to take them out, possibly helping his teammates as a side effect. Also, because Poseidon is the God of the sea, he would be very good in water. This would help him swim faster and hurdle around opponents. He could also cause waves to disrupt other players. Because of both his violent tendencies and his ability in water, Poseidon would be an excellent water polo

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