Russian Tsars: Peter II And Peter I The Great

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Russian tsars are authoritative Christian monarchs which started in 1721 from one of the first emperors named Peter I the Great. This empire lasted until 1917 when Nicholas had to abdicate his throne due to many reasons and considered a backward country. There is also a speculation about two family members surviving the firing squad.
The Russian tsars established in 1672 and Peter I the great was Russia’s first emperor. He was one of the most celebrated ones of the Romanov dynasty and influenced church’s, legislation and courts. Peters reign on the throne lasted till 1725 and his empress Catherine continued until 1727. One of the second emperors named Peter II and only ruled the throne until his death of smallpox. Peter, I wanted Russia to refer to him as emperor since he thought that it would modernize their regime and gain more power over the church. …show more content…

In the interim of World War 1 Russia had been taking many heavy losses against Germany which attested that their armies were no match against the nations of central and western Europe, this in doubt affected their economy; the main cause of this is from bad leadership and poor equipment. There were many riots about very little food which caused the Crimean war (1854-1856) and on Sunday 1905 hundreds of protesters suffered from injuries or killed. The massacre leads to the Russian Revolution in 1905; these were different reasons why Czar Nicholas II had been

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