Cause And Effect Essay On Social Media

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SOCIAL MEDIA The writer, McGraw Hill Dictionary, says social media is a tool that people used to interact with each other by creating, sharing, and exchanging information and ideas in a virtual network and community. The writer, Varinder Taprial and Priya Kanwar, say social media is a medium used by individuals to be social or become social online by sharing content, news, photos, or the others. So, social media is something that based with internet and people use it for sharing something, creating also interact with each other even in the distance. Does social media give negative effects? Yes, social media gives negative effects in our life. Many people have their own arguments about social media, like pro and contra, because social media gives us many effects. There are positive and negative…show more content…
Not only that, its also a place to us to have a new friends. If in a long distance, with social media we also can contact them with many kinds of social media. With that reason, our relation is not enough with them. Social media become a place for people’s creativity, they sometimes make a creativity and posting in social media. The purpose is maybe with posting it the creativity can make the other person excited and give reason to make better than it. They posting in social media for the other person can look their creativity. The other reason of social media is for business. For disseminate the business, they use social media for all people know their business. They can order by social media and delivery it to customers place. And the price of tthem is lower than the other shop that not online shop. So, over all there are many impact from social media. The conclusion is how the impact of social media to our life is depends we use it. so we must use social media in the good way because if use for good thing social media become useful to our
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