The Soloist Movie Analysis

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had a big influence on my decision to become more involved. This movie was based on a columnist named Steve Lopez who wanted to push the need for story ideas for his job. During his journey he met a young man named”Nathaniel Ayers” who was a mentally ill homeless man who often suffered panic attacks and paranoia (Santis, 2011).
This homeless man had some of the most extraordinary talents that he demonstrated with a half-broken instrument (Santis, 2011). Lopez was so inspired by this story that he decided to help this talented man and the rest of the community so that they can have a better life. Both of the men in the movie helped one another with the hope for a brighter future for them and their community. Ayers eventually got off of the street, into an apartment and a find for treatment for him mentally ill disorder (Santis, 2011).
Homeless people lives unrivaled at a blink of an eye. Just like the movie “The Soloist”, one minute you are looking at a promising future and then the next minute you become homeless (Santis, 2011). You are living under bridges and on the sidewalks trying to get the attention of the people that are passing by. …show more content…

Not only did I feel Ayer’s struggles, but I also felt the emotions that came from Lopez to be able to do everything that I can to encourage so that the homeless can understand their full potential in life.
Working with individuals who are homeless are not that easy, and this society has given up on this wide spread and always thought that there is nothing much that could be done in order to address this issue, or solve the series of desperation resulting in long-tem homelessness. We need a supportive housing provider, innovators, policymakers and several of advocates to embrace the proven ways of filling the

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