The Speech Graduates Didn T Hear Summary

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I choose to respond to “The Speech Graduates Didn’t Hear”. This essay has several different parts but has the same underline idea, college graduates and students within the past fifty years have not been receiving a proper college education and experience to ready them for when they enter the work force. That college students do not so much earn their grades as hope and wish for them, at which point the professor obliges. Additionally, the author states that colleges are not longer teaching students what they require to succeed in their chosen careers.

Beginning with the first several paragraphs of the essay, “The Speech Graduates Didn’t Hear”, the author Jacob Neusner, states that they are teaching students for a world that does not exist. However, with all of our technological advances recently, we are continuing to evolve and our knowledge and access to new discovers is growing and that leads to additional advances in studies also. Another matter which Neusner brings up is that students are taught failure is acceptable, taught to be quitters, and in turn …show more content…

Daniel, he states that the quality of our college education has decreased in the last several decades. However, that is not true, now more than ever, we are learning new information in science, medicine, technology, art, and countless others. With the new advances we have made, we are able to study and learn new information in ways that where never before possible. Time after time throughout Neusner’s essay he rapidly says that students only earn good grades due to the professors being exhausted and just handing out the grades so that their students like them, he says that it’s easier. Then that means he has chosen to give up on his job, take the easy way out, he lost his passion or interest in teaching. However, professors have a job which many of them enjoy and they do a fine job at teaching and make their students earn their

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