The Stono Rebellion

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In around 1607 to 1763, the mother country, England began enforcing many political and economic goals in the American colonies. In order to establish dominance and superiority, the British government believed that by enforcing certain values and order into the American colonies, it would lead to the enrichment of the mother country. The English Government enforced strict values onto the American colonies, depriving the colonists from their right, which led to the increase of smuggling and the rebellion from the colonists.
The English government had enforced Navigational Acts in order to control the Americans trading rights. This led to many disputes in America, and the Americans began smuggling, and ignoring their mother country's laws. England …show more content…

Due to England´s allowing the chatter of slaves in the American colonies back in the 1600s, it led to many disputes of the Africans towards their planters as years passed. The indentured servants brought by the English needed more rights, felt dishonored if they were counted just like the blacks in America. Therefore, the social hierarchical system changed in the Americas. Leading to many Africans being dehumanized by the English. Therefore, it led to the Stono Rebellion by the slaves. Many slaves reacted by going against their owners rights and running away from the harsh conditions that were brought upon themselves. Due to the Atlantic trade England brought many Africans to the Americas in order to work on the crops that needed to be sent to the mother country. While giving the indentured servants minimal work, due to their skin color. The impact of such harsh conditions enforced on the Africans led to the uprising against the whites in the American colonies. Also, it led to a new social hierarchal system in the …show more content…

They enforced strict laws that led to many of the people in America to rebel, and fight back. All of these events led to the American Revolution. Due to the British Government enforcing strict laws like the Stamp Act, Townshend Act, Tea Act...etc It led to the colonists using violent protest in order to fight for their representation. The British governments were mainly looking for ways to benefit their countries, to empower their economic necessities. Therefore, colonist were deprived from their rights due to them having no representation in the passing of new laws. From 1607 to 1763, the British government tyrannical ruling set to the colonies in America, created tension between both sides, due to it affecting the lives of many citizens by restricting from certain

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