The Tempest Reaction Paper

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The Tempest is by William Shakespeare. The producing organization is by The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. This play was directed by Jeff Sanders. I attended to watch the play on Thursday, March 15th at 5:00p.m. The artists in this play were trying to act out a story to be told. These actors did a very good job, they knew their lines, acted and seemed very interested in being in this play. I noticed that none of the characters did a bad job, they all enjoyed it. I felt like something professional since this was my very first time was a theatrical play was worth doing, since William Shakespeare is well known for writing poems, stories and plays. Having this play be brought out to life and have people go watch it made it awesome …show more content…

The costumes were very well designed. The designer showed that they took their time to customized each character’s outfit and it didn’t look simple and easy. Each of the characters outfits made it look more specific on who they were. For example: Prospero’s outfit really fit him well since he was the rightful Duke of Milan for his character and so did Ferdinand’s since he was the Prince of Naples. Having the sword showed an understanding of him being involved in a royal family. Another character, Alonso’s outfit made him look like the King of Naples since he as well had a sword but most importantly a crown to be represented as. All of the costumes of each character were appropriate to the time and place because in the time of Shakespeare, nobody wore jeans and modern clothes. All of this fashion clothes from back in the day made it better to understand as well since it was appropriate. For example: Trinculo’s and Antonia’s outfits stood out the most since this isn’t what would be worn through this current time. Having these types of outfits did show how a play from back then was seen as and I felt at that moment that I was living through this time

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