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Motivational Interviewing is a patient centred approach which strengthens the patient’s motivation for and movement toward a specific goal by exploring and resolving ambivalence (Hettema et al. 2005). In the scenario in my digital recording, for example: the patient’s goal is to cut down/stopping drinking alcohol. A Nurse’s empathic and collaborative approach to this conversation technique supports the eliciting and discovering of the patient’s personal reasons to change (Miller & Rollnick, 2012). Four guiding principles (R.U.L.E) were devised in order for effective Motivational Interviewing to occur; resist the righting reflex, understand and explore patient’s own motivations, listen with empathy and empower patient providing hope and encouragement …show more content…

In this essay I will demonstrate my understanding of three guiding principles of Motivational Interviewing by critiquing examples from my digital recording from my first motivational interviewing skills …show more content…

It elicits and explores a patient’s own reason for change (Miller & Rollnick. 2002). It changes the dynamic between patient and Nurse. Reflecting on my digital recording I feel I can improve on a few things in Motivational Interviewing, for example using more open questions, avoiding ‘roadblocks’ and asking my patient’s permission. However, the Motivational Interviewing skills session and the writing of this essay has given me confidence. I really felt I had a talent for Motivational Interviewing. My patient confided in me and came to the realisation that he wanted to change, due to my Motivational Interviewing Skills. I really felt, as a team we had succeeded together. In understanding the guiding principles (U.L.E) and relating them to my digital recording, I examined and critiqued my own Motivational Interviewing skills. In doing so, I am excited to improve and determined to progress my Motivational Interviewing skills for my future career as a

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