The Importance Of Group Communication

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One way of sharing information between individuals or members of a team is through group communication. Group communication refers to the effective operation and interaction of group members. Quality communication will result to an effective group decision and task completion (Sharpe, 1991). A general model that is set to be systematic and organize a team strategy that will achieve team effectiveness within a group or organization is the input-process-output model (Hackman, 1987). The framework classifies into three stages that must be followed dynamically by a team to achieve the goal, attain team effectiveness and team member satisfaction. Namely, these stages are input, process, and output. “A key assumption of the framework is that input states affect group outputs via the interaction that takes place among members” (Hackman, 1987, p.317). The input varying in factors acts as the independent variable, which in turn directly influences the dependent variable, output of team effectiveness. Additionally, the model strongly suggests the input to go through a process of group interaction in result of a positive outcome.
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Thus, making it difficult to finish tasks. Tasks are then classified into three different types: idea-generation, intellective and decision-making tasks. Research study shows that team communication and effectiveness remains consistent regardless of the task type. Teams must now identify which type of media they are to use depending on the team goals and tasks. Since communication technology depends on the goal of team, knowing which type of media fits the team’s communication goal will have an effect to the team’s performance (Liu, Yan, & Sun,

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