The Unexpected Life Lessons Of Mexican Food By Armando Montano Summary

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My Personal Experience In the passage "The Unexpected Life Lessons of Mexican Food" the author Armando Montano talks about how he's felt the push and pull of growing up biracial in America. The author continues to talk about how he struggles with his family calling him two different races for example his Mexican side of the family calls him white and the other side calls him "wexican." Later on Montano speaks on an encounter that happened at a hotel that included his father and him being racially denied a room. Through all of these experiences, Montano learns how to cope with being biracial by cooking. He proves that whatever background his family came from, he learned valuable life lessons to share with his family and friends. Montano …show more content…

Every morning my dad would wake up earl to prepare us a delicious breakfast. Arepa is a Hispanic flatbread made from maize dough with cheese on top. One time my dad is in the kitchen making some for us and I asked him how did he learn to make arepas. He just told me "by watching my mom all the time when I was young." So I wanted to learn to make it so I can one day make arepas for my kids. I included this because it relates to Montano's experience when he was young. Just like my dad, he learned how to make this special dish by watching his parents and passing this down to me is special. Montano used cooking as a way of coping with identity, for me, I would use soccer as a way of life. In Colombia, soccer is the biggest sport just like every Latin country. I remember when I was four years old, I would play soccer with the big kids right in front of my grandma's house. As we all know in Colombia there is a lot of poverty, many soccer fields are old and ruined so we have to play in the middle of the street with a used up torn ball. Every time a car comes by we have to pause the game and move out the way. Soccer has taught me many life lessons like teamwork, communication, and

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