The Use And Manipulation Of The English Language

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The proper use and manipulation of the English language, a skill so difficult to learn, reaps a great deal of power when mastered. As hyperbolic as it sounds, being able to use and manipulate the English language properly into our writing and speaking can be very influential in advocating ideas towards a community. “As a speaker, you have some influence on the extent to which others see you as having authority” (Fontaine and Smith 13). To gain authority over an audience, one must write and speak with confidence and be skilled enough to use proper English: that is, following the standard rules of grammar, incorporating complex sentences and a wide range of vocabulary. In addition, the manipulation of the English language in writing and speaking, with as the use of figurative language and compositional techniques, makes the writing more persuasive and impactful. Speaking properly and effectively will change the way you talk and will change the way people will listen to you. By displaying knowledge and skill towards the widely accepted language, the audience gain trust towards the writer or speaker, fostering an authoritative relationship between the two. It was through my past experience that I came to a realization that impactful speech and writing, possible through the use and manipulation of proper English, serve as agents for gaining my audience’s attention. Being elected as the former President of my high school, it was my obligation to lead nearly a thousand students.

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