The Wolfman And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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In cinema nowadays, movies that are more famous among the people somehow engaged with explosions, gunfights, and superheroes. In the early days of cinema, the special spot for people had to do something with monsters and murderers. Some of these monsters have abilities to be sympathetic to the people who watch the movie. As a great example there is the movie Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein’s invention, is a monster that is created by an obnoxious scientist who decides to play god and it goes wrong. Dr. Frankenstein is the clear example of men playing with nature and then terrible consequences came into place. Dr. Frankenstein’s creation is a monster that looks hideous, ignorant, but at least knows what scares him and what makes him feel joy and blissful. The creature expresses horror just by looking at him and his arbitrary actions, but behind what his actions, the spectators know the real truth of why the creature acts like that. The creature inspires sympathy, since his creator abandons him, and society would never accept him. In that way, mankind shows themselves as the ones who treat those who are different in a poor way. The fact of living a …show more content…

Both of these movies are also a great influence in the creation of new characters in the modern movies. The remarkable similarity between these two movies is that both have monsters that have essentially no intention to be monsters at first but both are affected by the influence of the ones who either created or made them what both have become. The remarkable difference between these two masterpieces is that Frankenstein’s creation is a monster with a will, but without knowing the living criteria of the society. Therefore, being judged by actions he does not know what is wrong. On the other hand, The Wolfman is a monster that is half human in aspect, but is being consumed by the beast inside of him in his

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