The World's Columbian Exposition

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The White City Overview The White City article, talked about the recreational area located in Chicago that was organized to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus landfall, which had a defining moment in history due to the landscaping and architecture that were built during this creational process, which is also called “the World’s Columbian Exposition”. The World’s Columbian Exposition was an after math impact of the many political and economic leaders in America that wanted to reinvent and create the destruction of the civil war. America wanted to reinvent and reconstruct the country that was also characterized by the massive industrial growth, and the mass immigration the country had. America turned to the medium of the world fair to repair their fragmented societies. The first fair was created in London, to counter the spread of political radicalism and tout global expansion, and was a huge success of reconstruction. The success of that inspired America to follow in their footsteps and created their own fair. After the first fair held in 1876 in Philadelphia that left the city with no money, and basically a failed which …show more content…

Going back to the bad ending... two days before the scheduled open of the fair, Chicago 's mayor was assassinated and the closing ceremonies were replaced by a memorial service. Four months later, fire destroyed or damaged six fair buildings and their still-valuable exhibits. Another fire occurred in February, and then in July 1894, a final conflagration leveled nearly all of the remaining

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