Theodore Kenneth Lawless Essay

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For my Black scientist essay, I have chosen Theodore Kenneth Lawless. He is known as a dermatologist, physician,and philanthropist; and for his great knowledge. He was born on December 06, 1892 at Thibodaux, LA and died on May 01, 1971 at Chicago, IL. Once during his childhood, he had helped a Jewish peddler by explaining an information to him. After that was happening the Jewish peddler decided to help and be kind to Mr. Lawless and his family. He started his career by a Jewish physician, he had helped Mr. Lawless to have an opportunity at Columbia.

Mr. Lawless had committed some important work for his future. He have been taking many colleges and university for his future impact. He had started out with Talladega College in 1914, and Northwestern University School of Medicines in 1919. He did completed Columbia University in 1920 after years of his other two education. He did attended many colleges and university after he had …show more content…

Lawless have choose to share his knowledge to students who want to accomplish in life. He remained at the Northern University Medical School for 16 Years. He teaches the student at the school for 16 years as said and taught dermatology and syphilology, during those times he also help construct the medical school 's first Clinic. He had made an impact at Chicago by creating the most respected and largest dermatology clinics in the African American Community. During his work Mr. Lawless have provided scholarship for mostly black students and also have sponsored some of his student or committed African medical students who wanted to attend to medical schools. He had also donated a research laboratory to the Provident Hospital on the south of Chicago with $60,000. During the time he achieve awards, Harman Award in Medicines, Church Man of the Year Award. During his later year he ran much more of his older life, Spingarn Medal NAACP, Daniel H. Burnham Award Roosevelt University, Distinguished Alumnus Award, and Beatrice

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