Theories Of Leadership In Organizational Performance

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Every organisation has a leader, because he or she perceive and is accepted by followers as leader. Regardless of the type of organisation, leadership play an important role in establishing high performing teams and is one of the critical element in enhancing organisation performance. Leaders show different leadership style to help in the success of the organisation and can be defined under the following theories of leadership, transactional ( achievement-oriented), transformational( supportive and participative) and charismatic( gifted, supportive and participative) and explain those theories in detail. and further link them to a young charismatic leader who was an apartheid activist known as Stephan…show more content…
Their main concern is how to improve and maintain the quality and quantity of good performance as they only guide and motivate their followers in the direction established goals, they clearly state the roles followers must play and their task requirements.
In many situation transaction leadership is a prescription of mediocrity, it is by these when leaders only intervene with his/her group when procedures and standards for accomplishing task requirements are not met, observe with attention those who broke rules and standards and take corrective measures and these is termed management by exception. They establish a chain of command, in some cases they even stop controlling and avoid making
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