Thesis Statement On Celebrities

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A. According to Celebrities in Latin meaning, it means that a sense of visibility, a sense of being broadly well-known. Celebrities are the important tools to attract audiences. The media scholars produce the celebrity content from what people expect from life. Celebrities may drive the directions of living such as habits, tastes, attention and ambition among people (Turnere). B. Celebrities are all around us. They are one of the important people who can influence the media such as movies, drama, music magazines, news or even represent the nation. From the William’s note celebrities are one part which people are engaged especially young people (Williams). C. However, there are many problematic influences of celebrities in today’s society.…show more content…
Many entertainment units that provided, for example movie. Movies can open the children’s opinion or cultures, create new ideas and entertain audience, so parents need a tool for making decision what is appropriate for their children. A movie rating is one of important policy that presents the deep information about content in movies to help parents select the movies that suit for children (Movie Rating) V. Conclusion A. Thesis statement: The influences of celebrities are not always true, so it is not always good for everyone. B. Summarize: There are many reasons that make the influences of celebrities weak, including celebrities worship syndrome, celebrities as an industry, celebrity endorsement, bad roles model from celebrities and the policy about perceiving of media. C. Final thought: In my opinion, Celebrities have high negative effects in our society. They are well-known people and people pay attention on them, so when they have done something bad. It can widely affect to many people if audiences do not perceive with right judgment. And I think parents in these days should pay as much as attention to their child when the watch movie or cartoon or others media because it they perceive in the wrong ways it will affect their life in the

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